BAL Protective Sealer 2.5 LTR

x26ltpx26gtBal Protective Sealer offers temporary protection of tiles prior to grouting. It protects surfaces against discolouration when using pigmented grouts. Easy to apply, then simply wash off after grouting.x26ltpx26gtx26ltpx26gtCan be used on most tile types, in drywet, interiorexterior conditions.x26nbspx26ltpx26gtx26ltpx26gtx26ltstrongx26gtCoverage x26ltstrongx26gt2.5l packx26ltpx26gtx26ltulx26gtx26ltlix26gt152x152x5.5mm tile 25 37m2 with 2 coat applicationx26ltlix26gtx26ltulx26gt