BAL Wide Joint Grout Sandstone 10KG

x26ltpx26gtBAL Sandstone Wide Joint Grout is a water and frost resistant cementbased powder grout for walls and floors. This can be used for ceramicsmosaics, drywet and interiorexterior conditions including swimming pools and showers not power showers.x26ltpx26gtx26ltpx26gtx26ltstrongx26gtJointsx26ltstrongx26gt From 2mm 12mmx26ltpx26gtx26ltpx26gtx26ltstrongx26gtPot life at 20Cx26ltstrongx26gt 60 minutesx26ltpx26gtx26ltpx26gtx26ltstrongx26gtSets in x26ltstrongx26gt24 hoursx26ltpx26gtx26ltpx26gt