Make="3T" Product="Discus C60 Team Stealth Wheelset (Shimano)" Description="The Discus C60 Team Stealth wheelset is the mid-range deep-section wheelset from the 3T Discus range. 25mm wide all-carbon-fibre rims are 58mm deep yet overall weight is held at 1.632 - 1.652kg. Centrelock disc-brake hubs with 24 bladed spokes front and rear offer industry-standard fitment for quality disc-brake setups. The 3T linear+ system optimises build quality and asymmetric rim drilling reduces difference in spoke tension between drive side and non-drive side. The Discus hubs have a light" AffiliateURL="" ImageURL="3t-discus-c60-team-stealth-wheelset-shimano-.jpg"